Hospital bed with isolation system for biocontainment

The hospital bed with biocontainment system (STR MK 7) is a care unit designed to ensure the transport, diagnosis and assistance of patients suffering from high-risk and airborne contagious diseases, in total safety within the healthcare facility. The STR MK 7 guarantees the safety of both patients and medical staff, by offering integrated features to ease care staff burden whilst creating a comfortable and effective patient support surface.

This hospital bed is available also with a fifth motorized wheel (STR MK 8)


The STR MK 7 has an NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) protection grade U15 with an efficiency of 99.9975%, tested to block solid and liquid particles of average size up to 0, 3 microns. The system can be utilised in 2 ways: The system can use negative pressure to protect the external environment from the infected patient contained inside. In this way, contagious disease cannot escape the isolation cabin while the patient inside is being diagnosed and treated. With the use of positive pressure, patients with a deficit of the immune system and potentially at risk of contracting certain infections are protected from the external environment. The STR MK 7 is not only designed to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and clinicians, but also to enhance the comfort and reduce the physical effort required by caregivers.

Design and features

The hospital bed STR MK 8 is equipped with a power-assisted transportation system, which enables one person to easily push and steer the stretcher with little effort. This system comprises a motorized, retractable 5th wheel installed on a damper device, 2 operating handles (with electric brake and directional control) and a speed limit switch for 2 different maximum speeds. The entire system allows easy manoeuvring of the stretcher with only a single hand by reducing start-up push force and steering by up to 50%.

STR MK7 Biocontainment Hospital Bed Design and features
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