Bariatric care hospital bed with pad system (4 motors)

Our bariatric care hospital bed STR MK 10 features larger capacities and
powerful adjustment systems, thanks to the support of 4 LINAK motors,
providing heavier or larger bed users with the comfort and dignity they


The motorized retractable 5th wheel offers to caregivers a unique mobility option by providing a solution to transport various sized patients, regardless of uneven surfaces or inclines, while at the same time improving patient comfortability. When compared to a manual fifth wheel, our system allows to push forward and backward the stretcher easier by means of a single hand thanks to the operating handle. Furthermore, it reduces start-up push force and steering up to 50%. The speed limit switch located on the handles allows to safely control all movements and to provide a timely intervention in case of emergency. It is designed with double function: the turtle sign allows a maximum speed of 2 km/hour, while the rabbit sign allows a maximum speed of 6 km/hour.

Design and features

  • Electrical height, backrest and legrest adjustment
  • Electrical Trendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg movements
  • Electrical Fowler and Vascular positions
  • Hand control panel and nurse control panel
  • Auto-Contour function
  • 4 pieces metal wire-mesh lying platform
  • 4 pieces side rails, made of easy-to-clean ABS material
  • Detachable wooden head and foot boards with metal frame
  • Cross Locking Castors
  • Electrostatic powder-coated metal frame
  • Manual CPR handles on both sides of the backrest
  • CPR button
  • IV Pole and urine bag hooks
  • Rechargeable backup battery
Bariatric Bed motorized
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