The controlled pressure biocontainment chair AURA represents a medical device designed for the transport of a patient, whether infectious or immunosuppressed, within any hospital environment.

AURA was designed for use in the emergency room and on all those occasions in which it is appropriate to transport the patient in a safe manner, with the aim of preventing or minimizing the transfer of contaminated air from or to contagious patients or potentially contagious affected by infections  ransmissible through the air (such as tuberculosis, measles, Covid and others) or vice versa, for patients with fragile immune defenses (such as affected by AIDS, cancer patients, immunosuppressed patients and others).

The mobile transport chair is made up of a metal frame covered with a highly resistant transparent polyvinyl chloride sheet. It can be equipped with various accessories such as: IV pole holder/ tray for objects/ oxygen cylinder holder; cable/tube passage sleeves and windows for gloves equipped with sleeves; tracking system for localization

Design and features

  • It allows the transport of a patient, whether infectious or immunosuppressed, with extreme ease
  • It offers total protection to both the patient and medical staff at the same time
  • Small unit suitable for any emergency room
  • Ventilation system operating at positive/negative pressure
  • Sealed pocket for the passage of objects and equipment in complete safety
Aura Biocontainment Chair - Safe and Easy Patient Transport in Emergency Situations
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