Emergency stretcher with 5° motorized wheel

MOOVIE is a motorized stretcher designed to provide maximum comfort for patients and reduce physical strain on healthcare professionals. In its standard configuration, MOOVIE is a 2-section hydraulic stretcher with adjustable height, making it easy to move and transport patients in a variety of medical settings.

A sturdy steel frame is mounted on four swiveling, antistatic wheels, with a lifting system powered by two round hydraulic columns. Height, mattress platform, trendelenburg, and reverse trendelenburg are controlled by foot pedals located on the side, while the backrest is adjustable via a servo-assisted gas spring lever. The siderails offer maximum patient security when raised and fold down completely out of the way for zero-gap transfers.

The base frame is covered with an easy-to-clean plastic material, which includes a glove compartment for clothing and a space to store an oxygen tank of up to 7 liters. With its highly configurable and customizable design, MOOVIE can be tailored to meet specific needs and preferences.


MOOVIE is designed to enhance patient comfort and reduce physical effort on health professionals. For this reason, one of the standout features of MOOVIE is its power assisted transportation system, which allows a single healthcare worker to easily push and steer the stretcher without any physical strain, even in limited space. This system comprises a motorized retractable 5th wheel installed on a damper device, two operating handles (with electric brake and change of direction), and a speed limit switch. The whole system enables smooth and effortless movement, reducing start-up push force and steering by up to 50%.

Design and features

MOOVIE is highly configurable and customizable in terms of size and accessories, in order to allow you to create the ideal solution to meet your specific needs.

In its standard configuration, the overall dimensions are 214 x 74 cm with a patient surface of  192 x 72 cm. The height adjustment of the surface goes from a minimum of 58 cm to a maximum of 90 cm. The diameter of the castors is 20 cm, while the motorized wheel has a diameter of 17 cm. The safe working capacity is 250 kg.

Motorized stretcher Moovie
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