Motorized delivery and obstetric surgery bed

LOTUS delivery and obstetric surgery bed is a universal product designed for various stages of care during pregnancy, labor and delivery. It is possible to change the configuration or position of LOTUS within a few seconds in order to provide adequate comfort, plus it is no longer necessary to move the patient in labor to another bed at any time.


LOTUS is designed to enhance patient comfort and reduce physical effort on clinicians. Thanks to its power assisted transportation system, it enables one person to easily push and steer the stretcher without any effort, even in limited space. This system comprises a motorized retractable 5th wheel installed on a damper device, two operating handles (with electric brake and change of direction) and a speed limit switch. The whole system allows to push forward and backward the stretcher easier by means of a single hand, and it reduces start-up push force and steering up to 50%.

Design and features

It is electrically operated and it offers an All-in-one solution for different stages of care.in fact, The configuration can be easily adjusted in a matter of seconds and it will allow a woman in labor to take any comfortable position. Equipped with 5° motorized wheel, offers Quick emergency transport from labor room to operating room.

Louts - Motorized Delivery and Obstetric Surgery Bed
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