Pithos: Mobile Biocontainment System

The mobile biocontainment system Pithos the latest innovation in biocontainment technology. This system provides an antechamber that can be easily attached to the existing door frame of any hospital room, creating a safe and isolated environment for patients suffering from airborne diseases (such as tuberculosis, measles, covid and others) and at the same time prevent or minimize the escape of contaminated air ) when doors are opened and closed.

Design and features

Pithos is equipped with cutting-edge filters and air systems, ensuring that patients receive a constant supply of fresh, clean air. This advanced air filtration system also ensures that any potentially harmful particles are trapped, preventing them from spreading beyond the isolation unit.

The antechamber is designed to be easily installed and removed as needed, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for healthcare facilities of any size. Inside is also present an ultrasonic disinfectant nebulizer that provides an additional protective barrier in case of unintentional entry of personnel without adequate personal protective equipment.

With its customizable size and configuration options, Pithos can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any care facility. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your hospital’s biocontainment capabilities or are simply in need of a temporary isolation solution, Pithos is the ideal choice.

Pithos Antechamber Mobile Biocontainment System - Innovative solution for hospital isolation against airborne diseases
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