Isolation system for biocontainment

The STR MK 3 is a highly effective and versatile transport solution that provides unparalleled protection to medical staff, patients, and others during transportation. Specifically designed to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and other airborne diseases, this compact and lightweight unit can be easily placed on top of a hospital stretcher to quickly isolate infected patients.

Equipped with a powerful filtration system and air outlet pipe, the STR MK 3 ensures that the patient’s environment is kept at a negative pressure relative to the external environment, minimizing the risk of virus transmission. Допълнително, the unit’s sealed envelope provides an extra layer of protection, preventing any potential pathogens from escaping into the surrounding area.

Thanks to its innovative design and its compact size and ease of use, it can be quickly deployed in a variety of settings, from hospitals and clinics to schools and airports, helping to keep everyone safe and healthy in the face of infectious diseases and emergencies.


The air filtration system is the heart of the STR MK 3, with an NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) protection grade U15 with an efficiency of 99.9975%, tested to block solid and liquid particles of average size up to 0, 3 microns. The system can be used in 2 ways: Negative Pressure Mode: In this mode, the external environment is protected from the infected patient contained inside. It can act as the primary transport for a patient with a high infectious risk, or as a secondary transport within a facility for a patient affected by microbiological agents. Positive Pressure Mode: This mode is designed to protect an immunocompromised patient at risk of infection from the external environment.

Дизайн и характеристики

  • Ready to use system
  • Durable yet lightweight structure
  • Complete side opening for easy patient access
  • Measurements are compliant with any type of stretcher or hospital bed
  • Integrated gloves with sleeves
  • Integrated utility portals (e.g. IV poles, ECG cables, и т.н.)
  • Positive pressure capability (i.e. in case of severely immunosuppressed patients)
  • Battery backup (up to 12 часа)
  • Does not retain humidity
  • Easy to maintain and stock
  • Maximum load capacity 200 килограма.
Interior view of STR MK3 Biocontainment Unit, showcasing secure isolation for patient transportation
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