Electric pediatric bed with biocontainment system

The MK 9 pediatric bed is a highly adaptable and versatile solution for any pediatric care situation. With a range of features designed to optimize the clinical environment, this bed provides a clean and healthy space for healthcare professionals to attend to their young patients, regardless of the care setting. Whether it’s in an intensive care unit, anesthesia ward, or resuscitation area, the MK 9 provides a safe and supportive environment for both patients and clinicians.

Equipped with an intuitive control panel located at the head side bed end, the MK 9 enables healthcare providers to easily adjust the bed’s position and movements. This allows for maximum patient comfort and ensures that clinicians can attend to their patients with ease, no matter the complexity of the care required. With its focus on patient comfort and caregiver convenience, the MK 9 is an essential piece of equipment for any pediatric care environment.

STR MK9 pediatric bed with Biocontainment isolation system


The STR MK 9 pediatric hospital bed has an NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) protection grade U15 with an efficiency of 99.9975%, tested to block solid and liquid particles of average size up to 0, 3 microns. The system can be utilised in 2 ways: The system can use negative pressure to protect the external environment from the infected patient contained inside. In this way, contagious disease cannot escape the isolation cabin while the patient inside is being diagnosed and treated. With the use of positive pressure, patients with a deficit of the immune system and potentially at risk of contracting certain infections are protected from the external environment. The STR MK 9 is not only designed to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and clinicians, but also to enhance the comfort and reduce the physical effort required by caregivers.
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